1.      The Leadership Council has the right to change and determine the raid rules, even the rules set forth in this document
2.      All raid participants should inform their availability for the raid via the kinship website, http://RidersofHelmsDeep.GuildLaunch.com at least one working day before the posted raid time on the calendar. If the raid is posted less than two days before the raid time, this rule can be ignored.
3.      All raids require Raid Call as our group chat channel. Our ID is 6048804 for communication. Raiders should be present in Raid Call for the entire raid duration.
4.      To minimize commotion, only ONE person, the Raid Leader, is allowed to speak and direct orders in Raid Call, unless otherwise directed/assigned by the Raid Leader.
5.      Raiders should be present and ready at least 5 minutes before the posted raid time or risk losing their spot, despite having signed up prior. All posted raid times on the website are EST.
6.      Raiders should be considerate to others. Minimal amounts of AFKs are advised and highly appreciated.  Raid participants shall give the Raid Leader a minimum 15 minutes notice prior to leaving any raid, allowing the Raid Leader time to find an adequate replacement.  Participants who routinely cause AFK delays and/or leave without appropriate notification will risk losing the ability to participate in raids, for a period of time, as designated by the Raid Leader.

7.      Raiders should be prepared to trait according to the raid leader’s request.
8.      Raiders should have their slotted appropriate virtues at least at Rank 20.
9.      Raiders should be prepared with the highest level ailment potions: disease, fear, wound, and poison as well as hope tokens and scrolls in their bags.
10.  RNG loot drops will remain the property of the recipient unless it is determined that it is not useable by the recipient’s raid toon or kin raid alt (members with multiple, raid ready, active kin toons, ONLY, will be given this option).  It is then advised, that the drop item be given to another member of the current raid group who NEEDS it.  If multiple members of the raid group are in need of said item, it will be awarded to the highest roller.  If no other member of the raid group can benefit from said item, it shall be retained by the initial recipient for whatever purpose they choose. (Subject to change based on LOTRO updates and adjustments to the RNG system)