Please read below and consider these ideas on etiquette to be a guideline for our kinship behavior policy.*

One of the greatest things MMOs can provide is a strong and sociable community, but often times some people can inadvertently annoy and draw the contempt of their fellow players. This is a simple thing to avoid and what follows are ten simple etiquette tips to follow when interacting with your fellow players. By following these simple guidelines you can become a community member respected by all and avoid getting shouted down for a simple mistake that you may not realize is a common annoyance in most MMOs.

10. Don't Be a Beggar

The world of an MMO is a massive one and is filled with many treasures. Some people will enter the world at level one and want those treasures right away before slaying the first mob. Unfortunately, some people go about trying to get said treasure by begging the community members. The same thing occurs when people want help or to be power leveled. Some people will literally beg people over and over to aid them or provide them with goodies. This can be very annoying to other players. Don't be a beggar. Ask once and if no one volunteers to offer goods or help, drop it. Continually badgering the community will not make you any friends. If anything, it will earn you a beggar label and people will avoid you like the plague. If someone has time and wants to help, great; if not, don't keep pushing or you will risk incurring the wrath of the community.

9. Be Patient

Finding or forming a group can sometimes take time. It will require patience so don't go into a frenzy and spam the chat channels. No one will want to join an impatient leader, and likewise a group will not want to invite an impatient member. There are some things you can do to reduce the frustration of your fellow members when forming a group. The very first thing you should do is find a tank and a healer first. From there filling the rest is easy. By getting those two classes you can at least show the appearance of being ready and have the two main classes you need to build around when other players come along. This will, as always, require patience.

8. Disappearing Act

Nothing is worse than a group fighting deep into a dungeon and nearing a boss mob only to learn that one of their members just pulled a Houdini. If you plan to leave a group try and give them an advanced notice, 10-15 minutes if possible. This will allow them to find someone to replace you and maybe not be in a position that will get the rest of the group killed if you just vanish.

Sometimes people lose their connection and that is understandable, but at other times people will just sign off without warning. Try not to be one of these people as it not only will earn you contempt, but it can also lead to your group suffering a hideous wipe because you weren't there. Not something you want to be remembered for. If you do lose connection, try and send a tell to the group and apologize when you log back on. Common courtesy goes a long way.

7. Don't Spam the Chat Channels

One thing that will land you on the ignore list faster than anything is spamming chat channels, be it looking for group, general chat, or trading. If you are trying to sell an item make sure to use the trade channel (if available), but don't spam your item and price every five seconds. It is ok to advertise but if you do it so frequently nothing else can show in the channel people will hate you. Like all things, post in moderation. The same rules apply for casual conversation and looking for a group. Spam is a career ender in an MMO.

6. General Chat

General chat is a good place for the community to communicate. It can be a great source of useful information if you have a question and a fun place to discuss the game. That said, don't turn the general chat channel into your own personal two-person tell channel. If you are going to post in general chat try to talk about topics that might engage the community. If you and your friend are discussing topics for the two of you, either take it to tells or start your own chat channel. While this kind of discussion is fine for short term, if it lasts a while it is best to take it elsewhere.

5. Don't Be a Jerk

Often times, new players will enter the world and they will have questions. If you can, try to answer them. If not, don't bash them for asking. We were all new at some point and none of us were born with all the common knowledge of the MMO worlds etched into our DNA. Sometimes, someone asks a newbie question and someone replies with an insult or some other ridiculous phrase to insult them. There is no need to be a jerk, so DON’T! Common courtesy rules apply in all venues of an MMO. Do unto others as they say.

4. Out of Characters and Role-players

Every MMO has two types of players, the role-players, and the out of characters. Some people prefer to role-play their character and with friends while others just want to play and do so completely out of character. There is nothing wrong either way. If you join a group and a person is role-playing, but you don't, that is fine, but don't go into an insult spill because you disagree with his play style.

3. Don't Be a Mob Thief

When you are out hunting in the great wild and you come across a person who has just cleared out an entire camp to get to a named mob and he is fighting the very last mob before the named at that moment you are passing, do you let him have what he worked for, or run in and steal the name while he is weak and clearing the last? If you said choice two, smack yourself in the forehead and shame on you.

While there is no written rule or law that says you can't steal this guy’s named mob that he has worked so hard to get to, it is just common courtesy that you don't. That person may not remember you if you just pass by, but they will sure as heck remember you if you take what they worked so hard to get, and you can bet they are going to tell people. In some cases this spills over into general chat and thus not only violates this principle, but number 6 as well.

2. Mobs

In an MMO you could manage to get the attention of many mobs, often by mistake. To escape, people usually would make for the nearest zone exit or whatever would lead to loading out of the area. It would be a good practice to warn others should you find yourself dragging a wall of death behind you in the direction of innocent bystanders.

There is no written rule for how you have to handle this, but common courtesy is to handle it in such a way that you don't suffer collateral damage in the way of innocent bystanders. You can do this with a simple warning, or if you see someone in your path that can't escape, just eat the death. People will appreciate you not getting them killed and all it may costs you is a corpse run of sorts.

1. Group Invites. Send a Tell...

Lastly, when you invite someone to a group, have the decency to send a tell first. Don't you want to know what or who you are inviting to where? One of the most annoying things you can have happen is to be running along and for no good reason get a group invite window pop up in your face.  "SEND A TELL FIRST!" What good does it do a person to join a blind group invite only to have to leave it because they don't want to go where you are going?

There are a lot of unwritten rules to common courtesy in the MMO universe. You can choose to follow them and become a respected member of the community, or you can ignore them at your own peril. Many of these rules are not required for people to follow. They are simply rules of thumb that people choose to follow to be courteous to their fellow players. What type of person you will be in LOTRO is up to you. Make it a good one.

*This Top 10 List is an edited version of the link below.