• A player recruited into the kin will have a minimum 30 day recruitment period. During this time, we will assess if they are a good fit for the kin. We are looking for those who take an active part in kin activities and are active in kin chat. 

• The trial period is a “get to know us period” for you, as well. At the end of the period please advise the Leadership Council of any concerns or suggestions you may have. We want to hear from you! 

• We are happy to invite any or all of a recruit's characters into the kin. 

• If the player meets these requirements, they will be promoted to kin member. 

• We extend an invitation to any or all of a kin member's characters into Riders of Helm’s Deep. You do not need to have all of your characters with us, but we hope that you'll add many or all of them! 

• Once a member, all current and future alts are immediately promoted to member status. 

• We ask that player notes be updated with the name of the player’s alts so that all members are able to recognize each other. 

• Characters inactive for more than 120 days will be demoted to recruit.  Members inactive for 240 days will be expelled from the kinship. We do this to ensure an active player base while taking into consideration real life needs. We understand that real life ALWAYS takes precedent over the game.

• If you plan on being inactive for an extended period of time, please contact a member of the Leadership Council so that you are not inadvertently expelled.

• If you have been expelled due to inactivity and wish to return, please notify a member of the Leadership Council to discuss being re-invited. This will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

Kin Events and Runs 
• As a casual family and raiding kinship, we encourage the kin members to get involved with kinship and alliance hosted events.

• We also encourage participation in questing with other members, as well as kin scheduled and impromptu runs and instances. 

• We always encourage our members to initiate runs themselves. If you want to start a group or run please feel free to do so in kin chat or private tells or the local game channels. If you are unsure of how to get one started or have difficulty garnering interest please let an officer know and we will help you advertise in kin chat and the MOTD. 

• If you want to plan a larger run or raid please send your request to the Raid Leader or Asst. Raid Leader and they will add your event to the Kinship Calendar.  Please remember once it's scheduled, it is imperative you hold the run at the time you requested. 

• Currently, Riders of Helm’s Deep has an alliance with Fusion, a multi-kin raid group.  We have an alliance channel to communicate with Fusion members. You will be granted access to this channel upon completion of your 30 day trial unless a current member of Fusion advocates, on your behalf, for earlier admission. 

• There are no requirements to participate or work on your crafting skills to become a full member of the kin. However, be advised, you may find your fellow kin members would like you to make an effort to raise your crafting if you would like gear to be made for you. 

Kin Website 
• We encourage you to use the kin website for the latest news, information, and scheduled events. 
• We also hope that you use the forums to interact with the kin outside of the game.

The rules, policies and guidelines have been put in place to ensure a fun environment for all of our recruits, members and officers. This is a game, it should be fun!