• Use of profanity will not be tolerated from any member of Riders of Helm’s Deep.   If a conversation in kin chat/public chat channel has made someone uncomfortable, then that conversation must cease or be taken to private chat. Religion and politics are not considered appropriate topics for conversation. Sexist, racist, or any discriminatory behavior is strictly prohibited. If you think a topic, or the profane use of any language in the known world will offend someone, then it's always safe to refrain from saying it.  Please do not type in ALL CAPS.  It is considered yelling/shouting and deemed disrespectful to your fellow kin members/players.

• Riders of Helm’s Deep members are to treat other members and community with respect both in game and on the forums, at all times.  Please remember, that you are a reflection of our kin and its members, as such, discussion of kin activities, kin chat or  kin members in GLFF/Fusion or any other chat channel should be done so with respect and discretion.

• Constructive criticism is fine, but negative or degrading comments and accusations are prohibited. You should be able to receive and give constructive criticism, at the same time respecting your fellow players.

• Any Kinship disagreements or concerns should be done in private chat, NEVER in a group, raid or kinship chat where others that are not involved will be brought into it. If a problem cannot be resolved it should be brought to an officer.
  If the problem still cannot be resolved or there is a problem with an officer it should be brought to the leader. 


Courteous behavior and a commitment to support our growing kinship community are the primary expectations of all our members. It is the policy of the Riders of Helm’s Deep to deal with violations of our rules and policies in line with the seriousness of the circumstances. While violation of the Riders of Helm’s Deep rules and policies are usually dealt with on a per incident basis, the seriousness of the violation and the history of the kinship member involved are taken into consideration when deciding what course of action the kinship’s Leadership Council will take.  Possible responses to violation of rules and policies include but are not limited to: 

• A private discussion with a kinship officer or leader....Saeri will take out her broom and whack you over the head several times until the message is clear!

• Compensation for items, time, and effort in relation to the incident. 

• A warning against future violation of the same rule(s). 

• A warning or demotion/probation against future violations of any rule or policy. 

• Removal from the kinship by a vote. Should the Leadership Council vote to remove you, in most cases, you will be removed from the kinship permanently. The kinship reserves the right to skip the first and/or second warning if the situation warrants it. 

These responses are subject to change at the discretion of Riders of Helm’s Deep Leadership Council. By being an existing member or joining the Riders of Helm’s Deep you agree to the rules and policies.